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(Dub) 1 : Project Apple

Next Level Sound Station is a Los Angeles-based production trio who create modern, beat-infused tracks drawing from their collective knowledge and love of Jamaican Dub, Roots, Dancehall, Reggae, Hip-Hop, and Electronic Dance music styles. Their ambitious first project is an original Dub Reggae soundtrack that garnered the "Best Use of Music" Award at the 2014 Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, for the independent full-length film, "Sunken City", which saw domestic and international release digitally in May, 2014 by Echo Bridge Entertainment. This collaborative team of Blake Colie, Jared Meeker, and DJ Prophecy, are currently in production with various other projects that will make their influence reach well beyond LA in the upcoming months.

(Dub) 1 : Project Apple

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Whether or not the mythical "Apple Car" ever becomes a real product, the company is tinkering away on a top-secret automotive project. Sources familiar with the development of "Titan" say it's well beyond the concept stage, with serious work underway at a site located off of Apple's Cupertino campus.

Specifically, two people with knowledge of the project say Apple has been working on it and receiving shipments related to its development at a building just minutes from 1 Infinite Loop, in the town of Sunnyvale.

The results of this extensive investigation led to Sunnyvale, Calif., and the home of a mysterious market research firm dubbed SixtyEight. Nestled amongst a number of verifiable Apple-run offices, it is believed that this location is a key component of the "Titan" project.

According to one AppleInsider source familiar with "Titan," many of Apple's new auto-related hires, including recruits from Tesla, have been working out of the Sunnyvale campus. This person claims that some of the projects underway there have been kept "very secret" within the company.

For the unversed, people suffering from diabetes have to constantly monitor their blood sugar levels. To do so, they need to prick their skin (usually with a needle) for blood that is later tested by a glucometer. As the Apple Watch can already monitor your O2 levels and heart rate, the tech giant has been working on a project that will let it monitor your blood sugar levels as well. Now, according to Bloomberg sources, the company has made major progress on Project E5 which, if successfully implemented, will be revolutionary.

As mentioned, there's befuddlement about whether the Quest 2 Pro is the headset project Meta mentioned at Facebook Connect 2021. Lynch, an XR hardware analyst who claims to have a network of supply-chain sources, tapped into one of his connections to reveal illuminating information about Meta's upcoming VR headset.

Setting a synced calendar to export allows you to see Dubsado events, such as projects with dates and scheduled appointments, while looking at your calendar outside of Dubsado. This is great for staying up to date on Dubsado events from your phone or desktop calendar app.

Audio must be recorded in sync to picture at native project frame rate. All audio deliverables should match the camera and picture post production frame rate. All audio must sync to the final IMF/Prores picture delivery. Alternate/Dubbed Language and Audio Description Mixes must not contain an additional leader. Printmasters, M&Es and stems may include standard 8 second Academy leader and 2-pops.

Content Hub deliveries may be discreet audio files alone, within folders or within Pro Tools session folders also containing sessions. Where project files other than Pro Tools are delivered, AAFs/OMFs should also be included, or all channels must be rendered to continuous PCM audio.

State FruitAppleWashington is the nation's top apple-producing state, so it is appropriate that the apple was named a state symbol in 1989, the centennial year. A favorite fruit around the world, the apple comes in many different colors, sizes and varieties. From the beautiful blossoms of spring, to the heavily laden branches in autumn, the apple trees of eastern Washington represent one of the largest industries in the state. The Washington apple is certainly one of the most recognized symbols of the state worldwide.

State TartanA tartan is a design for the weaving of cloth consisting of perpendicular bands of contrasting colors on a solid background. The Washington State tartan was designed in 1988 by Vancouver, USA Country Dancers Margaret McLeod van Nus and Frank Cannonita to commemorate the Washington State Centennial celebration. It is identified by the background color green, which represents the rich forests of Washington, the "Evergreen State." The perpendicular bands of contrasting colors represent the following features: blue for the lakes, rivers and ocean; white for the snow-capped mountains; red for the apple and cherry crops; yellow for the wheat and grain crops; and black for the eruption of Mount St. Helens. The bill, designating a state tartan, was signed into law in 1991. The Council of the Scottish Tartans Society also affixed its seal to the official Certificate of Accreditation in 1991. 041b061a72


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