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THE PROMISE AS PRECIOUS AS GOLD: WHAT PROMISE Rings For Couples have to do with it and OTHER crucial questions regarding this sweet adornment

The power of love can be amazing, and even the die-hard realisticists and skeptical romantics in its enchantment at least for a brief time. Flowers, intimate dinners romantic names, sweet moments, and hidden smiles between you two are all a part of a couple's everyday life. It's lovely. However, there is the more powerful (in every sense) display of one's love, feelings and commitment: tokens of love in the form of jewelry items or other attractive trinkets. And in this article, we'll look at the promise Ring, its significance, purpose and what fashion can say about it right now.

From THE ROMANS to the millennials: WHAT PROMISE RINGS SYMBOLIZE historically

As the story goes, the promise ring has been in use since Roman times (yes, the Roman Empire times) and stands for the official promise to be married. The jewelry was referred to as a betrothal band and it was used to symbolize the marriage commitment of spouses as well as their families to be married. Marriage was a very serious event that was entailed by property transfer or dowry and concerns about money between two families, it took time and effort to settle everything, so the ring served as a form of a signature on a guarantee letter for a big business contract.

In the Middle Ages and later in the Renaissance times there was a tradition of giving sweethearts special rings with hidden scripts, which referred to the romantic feelings of an admirer. These rings did not mean exactly the promise to marry however when the ring and the ceremony behind it were accepted, marriage vows would be soon in the future. With this or that interpretation the concept of a ring being an act of love has lasted for a long time, and even today, we have our own version of this ring, and its significance.

The most terrifying question: What are the significance of promise rings in A RELATIONSHIP?

A promise ring of today is a very personal and delicate issue which can only be exchanged between couples. It's up the couple to decide on the best time and method to exchange their rings. The ancient Romans exchanged heavy metallic bracelets for rings. A minimalist, chic rings are more appropriate for everyday wear.

What do promise rings in a relationship actually mean? The widely agreed-upon meaning of the promise ring is an openly committed to one another and moving one step closer to getting married and engagement. It's not exactly the same as an engagement ring because modern engagement prescribes that you have a precise timeline for the preparations for marriage and also the marriage itself. For instance, in one year from your date of engagement wedding day, you will get married, which means you've only got 12 months in which to send out invitations, find an event, locate a florist, and hold the wedding party and mock dinners before that special date.

What does a promise-ring from an ex-boyfriend mean? Simply a wedding promise that does not start this thrilling countdown to the wedding day. You or your partner may be unable to set an event date due to certain conditions. For instance, both must complete your studies and establish a financial foundation prior to establishing a family nest. Or maybe, one of you is currently in the military or is on an extended vacation abroad, and prior to when your partner returns, there's no reason to mark every day of the year. There is a chance that you both are underage and need to wait until you reach the age of legality for marriage. If you're contemplating what a promise ring signifies, the meanings will be preserved in case. It's a promise to come back 'yes'.

In all cases it is essential to be united, to say and hear the important words is always there, and this promise ring allows you to make the initial vows, without going through the wedding planning mill. Making and accepting these rings is a personal and emotional decision. Be careful when choosing them and choose the best time to exchange them.

What is the process by which an ring promise work?

This ring reads: My owner is in a relationship for a long time with someone, and they will be married to that person one day (they aren't sure about a date yet). Some might find it less as thrilling as an engagement ring however its value is difficult to underestimate for people who are in love and want to stay forever their lives.

The promise ring for those who don't believe in marriage is an equivalent to a 'Yes! I do formula, cast in silver or gold.

It's a clear sign of the ultimate end of the dating journey and the transition into the phase of commitment and exclusivity.

Sometimes, a promise is made to marry. Other times, it's an obligation that is made as a substitute for vows to marry. That's the solution to the question: What's your purpose of a promise ring. No other senses are included in this. Before you or your loved one buy this item, engage in an honest discussion on the time and method you will use to establish a formal relationship.

What are the prices Promise Rings Cost and how much should you pay for Them?

Promise rings can be found in a variety of designs and materials. This means it is not necessary to shell out an arm and a leg on the rings. You'll also have to pay a lot to purchase an engagement ring or wedding bands. All of this adds up, leaving us with the question of how much to put into the wedding rings that women can wear (and males)?

The answer is you can spend as much as you like, by ordering an engraved ring, or purchasing the ready model you like. It depends on your budget and taste. But the experts in wedding planning recommend that you purchase this type of jewelry at least $2,000 and that's more than enough. A promise ring is an elegant and subtle piece that can be worn with your wedding ring, engagement ring, or ring to wear every day.

So, the elegant models that don't catch your attention immediately with tens of carats of stones and sparkling shine could be priced lower and still elegant and stylish for casual wear. These compact rings, with intriguing shapes and small stones, are within of a couple hundred dollars and offer a casual chic that will make any outfit look more stylish. It is possible to spend anywhere from $200 to $400 for a promise ring which will become the center of attention in your loved ones jewelry collection.


The ring can be worn in the hand or finger you choose, but to avoid confusion and embarrassing questions, you should not to put it on the ring finger in the left hand. This little trick will make anyone think that the ring is an engagement ring and therefore you'll be able tell everyone about your marital plans when you're getting ready.

Or to the contrary If you're looking to let the world know that you've found your other half and are going to get married to them in the near future, and that's exactly what a promise ring means to a woman, place it on the left-hand ring finger. Why wouldn't you, after all?

The Romans were the first to wear these rings on the middle finger of both hands (the Romans believed that the middle finger was linked to the heart, and therefore wore the rings this way). Alternately, you can change the fingers depending on your mood or style preference. It is important to understand what the ring means to you.


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