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Rage Attack ((NEW))

CRYSTAL RIVER, Fla. - A violent road rage attack in Citrus County sent a man to the hospital fighting for his life, and the driver responsible behind bars. Investigators said Kristopher Hite intentionally swerved his SUV into the next lane, slamming into the man riding his motorcycle.

Rage Attack

Hite is in the Citrus County Detention Facility facing two felony charges, including attempted vehicular homicide and Child Neglect because his young son was in the car during his fit of road rage. Hite is being held on $17,000 bond and is set to be arraigned on August 31.

An executive of a vegan food products company has been charged with felony battery and making a terroristic threat after a fracas outside a football game in which he's accused of biting a man's nose, Arkansas officials said. Beyond Meat Chief Operations Officer Doug Ramsey has been accused of a road rage attack outside Saturday's game between the Arkansas Razorbacks and Missouri State Bears in Fayetteville, Arkansas, according to a police report obtained by CBS News.

The police report says the 53-year-old Fayetteville man attacked another man who tried to inch in front of him in a parking garage traffic lane and made contact with a wheel on Ramsey's sport utility vehicle. A police officer responding to the reported disturbance arrived to find "two males with bloody faces," the report states.

Castillo, of Topeka, had been hospitalized since Feb. 15 after allegedly being attacked by another man in what police believe was a road rage incident. Details about that attack have not been released.

On November 9, 2022, Radimak is accused of threatening to attack a woman at a storage facility in Atwater Village. Later that day, he allegedly got out of his vehicle and threatened another woman on a freeway and broke one of her headlights.

Radimak has a pending case where he is accused of allegedly attacking another driver in a road rage incident that occurred in Hollywood in January 2020. When his car was searched, he allegedly had steroids and more than $30,000. He is charged in case BA494303 with one felony count of possession for sale of a controlled substance and one misdemeanor count of battery.

Bipolar rage is a waking nightmare for the person in it's grips and for those in its path. It is uncontrollable, unstable, and unpredictable. With regular anger there's usually a trigger, something you can pinpoint and go "Ah ha! This is what set them off and this is why it set them off". With bipolar rage there does not necessarily need to be a trigger, it can show up without warning and is always absent of reason. It chooses chaos, it's not the individual choosing to lose control. If anything, control is something we're desperate to have and that desperation only makes our anger more chaotic.

Police said he rammed into another vehicle and fled the scene earlier on Monday in a separate attack that may have stemmed from a disturbance on the road, according to local news reports. There were no injuries reported in either case.

This last week of March will be fairly quiet with temperatures a bit below average. Highs will be in the mid to upper 50s all week. The slightly cooler temperature pattern is actually perfect to help extend peak bloom of the cherry blossoms. Warm temperatures, heavy rain, high winds, and sub-freezing temperatures threaten the cherry blossoms while in peak bloom. Fortunately, we are not tracking any of those factors through Friday.

Road rage is a real thing and sometimes some people go way too far. Most of the time you can see people yelling in their cars at other cars, maybe you will see them throw their hands in the air, or even share a not-so-nice finger in the air, or sadly things can turn very dangerous. We hear stories all the time of road rage attacks that turn criminal or even deadly.

A man driving a Chevrolet pickup truck on the southbound 2 Freeway, just north of York Boulevard, saw a road rage incident involving the driver of a Tesla and a white Toyota Sedan, according to a CHP statement.

Authorities asked that anyone with information about the freeway attack call the CHP Central Los Angeles Area office at 213-744-2331 or the CHP Los Angeles Traffic Management Center at 323-259-3410 after hours. Anyone with information about the Pasadena case call 626-744-4517.

The victim, Rafael Gonzalez Ayala, says he called for help but the other driver was long gone when police arrived. The attack happened on May 6 at about 6:32 p.m. in the 700 block of West Willow Street.

Kratos will also gain more rage each time he is hit by an attack, and the stronger the attack, the more rage he will gain (especially when under the influence of status effects like being poisoned or shocked). However, you should try not to rely on getting hit just to build rage, and more of it as a way to come back with a powerful attack when near death.

Once you have fully filled your initial rage meter, there will be a prompt to press L3 + R3 to unleash your Spartan Rage. Doing this will automatically stagger any nearby opponents from your rage explosion, and after this you will be able to deal bare-handed damage at an astounding rate. 041b061a72


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