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Sean Grandchamp
Sean Grandchamp

[ACTUALITE] DONTNOD Présent à La Paris Games Week 2018

Date : du vendredi 26 au mardi 30 octobre 2018Horaires : 8h30 - 18h30. Fermeture à 18h mardi 30 octobreLieu : Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles / halls 1, 2.2 et 3. Game Connection hall 2.1Billets en vente sur

[ACTUALITE] DONTNOD présent à la Paris Games Week 2018


Ubisoft was established in 1986 by Yves Guillemot and his four brothers. Ubisoft initially distributed CD audio media, computers, and additional software to farmers and subsequently shifted to publishing video games.[28] Yves Guillemot has said that Ubisoft has found value in open sandbox games with single and multiplayer modes which is why the company works on online games.[29] Ubisoft's best selling game as of 2022 is Far Cry 5 (2018), grossing more than 300 million USD in the first week of release.[30]

The most of the WPR crew is getting back into the swing of things by wrapping up some games of 2021, but not before Rob and Patrick can talk about the end of the NFL's regular season. Cado however is going way back, to 2018, to check out Death Crown: the 1-bit art style and short match times made this RTS the perfect fit for a weekend full of other obligations. Patrick is closing the loop on Outer Wilds: Echos of the Eye, an ultimately welcome addition to what was a fantastic base game, even if the DLC does at moments rub the wrong way against the base game's structure. Then a surprise guest, a certain "mech-spert" if you will, joins us to talk about these Armored Core Rumors. After the break, Rob's been checking out WRC 10, a rally racing game in a franchise he's been largely (and maybe erroneously) ignoring.

After a hefty sports/politics minute (look, it was a busy weekend!), the Waypoint Radio crew is here to talk about one of their favorite things, roguelike deckbuilders. Rob is playing Roguebook, a new game designed by Richard Garfield (of Netrunner/Magic: the Gathering fame), which presents a new take on the deckbuilding genre of video games: what if all the cards? After the break, Austin, Patrick, and Cado report back on their time fighting "Chaos?" in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Austin has also been checking out Wildermyth, an RPG with proc-gen narrative told through the shifting personality traits of your characters. Then we do a quick wrap up on some of our favorite Steam Next Fest demos before entering an especially cursed Question Bucket. 076b4e4f54


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