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Ashot Loginov
Ashot Loginov

Semi-FinalThe Voice (UK) : Season 11 Episode 8

The Scottish songstress sang Ed Sheeran's Shivers on episode 2 of the new season but lost out to a commanding performance of Chasing Cars by the rhinestone Rhino. And in the final three the judges chose to save Jacket Potato and Rubbish, leaving Piece of Cake to remove her mask.

Semi-FinalThe Voice (UK) : Season 11 Episode 8

The Masked Singer season 8 continues with its Semi-Final on a special Thanksgiving episode. Nick Cannon hosts, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger are on the judges panel.

This year's writing team, headed by the magisterial David K. Barnes, is a right treat. The show started writing almost a year ago with fingers firmly crossed that we would hit our fundraising targets. Each episode goes via David and is batted back and forward with adjustments being made right up to and including recording days based on the overall thrust of the season, characters' arcs, and how individual lines sound at the readthroughs. 041b061a72


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