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Revit 2018 Keygen

Revit 2018: What's New and Improved?

Revit is a powerful BIM software that helps architects, engineers, and contractors design, analyze, and build better buildings. Revit 2018 is the latest version of Revit that offers new features and enhancements to improve productivity, performance, and collaboration. In this article, we will explore some of the key features of Revit 2018 and how they can benefit you in your projects.

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Dynamo Player

Dynamo is a graphical programming interface that lets you create custom scripts to automate tasks and extend Revit functionality. Dynamo Player, which was first introduced in Revit 2017.1, is now part of Revit 2018. It allows you to run Dynamo scripts without opening the Dynamo editor, making it easier for you to apply scripts that can enhance and extend Revit model behavior. You can access Dynamo Player from the Manage tab in Revit, and browse through a library of scripts that are available online or on your local machine. You can also adjust the input values of the scripts and see the results in real time.

Global Parameters

Global parameters are a way to embed design intent in a model by using parameters to drive dimensions, values, and constraints across the model. Revit 2018 extends the power of global parameters to also apply to radial and diameter dimensions and equality constraints. This means you can use global parameters to control the size and position of circular elements, such as pipes, ducts, columns, and windows. You can also use global parameters to enforce equality between elements of different categories, such as walls and floors.

Coordination Model Linking

Coordination model linking is a new feature in Revit 2018 that lets you use a Navisworks file as an underlay in Revit, making it easier to coordinate with outside teams that might not be working in Revit. You can link a Navisworks file to a Revit model from the Insert tab, and then use the Visibility/Graphics dialog to control its appearance. You can also snap to the geometry of the coordination model and use it as a reference for your design.

Schedules for Links and Groups

Revit 2018 now includes the ability to schedule and add parameters for links and groups, helping you to better understand and quantify a project. You can create schedules for linked models and linked model elements, such as rooms, spaces, areas, and MEP systems. You can also create schedules for model groups and group types, such as furniture layouts, curtain wall panels, and structural framing.

Steel Connections

Revit 2018 improves the workflow between engineers and steel detailers, helping to reduce errors with more accurate estimating and detailing. You can create steel connections between columns, beams, and bracings using any families, including those that are user-defined. You can also use filters, selection sets, and view templates to manage the visibility of steel connections in your model.

Twinmotion for Revit

Twinmotion is a real-time visualization software that lets you create stunning images, scenes, and animations from your Revit models. Twinmotion for Revit is a new feature in Revit 2018 that allows you to launch Twinmotion directly from Revit. You can sync your design data between Revit and Twinmotion, and immerse yourself in the intuitive creator environment to bring your design to life as photo-realistic stills, scenes, and animations.


Revit 2018 is a powerful BIM software that offers new features and enhancements to help you design, analyze, and build better buildings. Whether you are an architect, engineer, or contractor, you can benefit from the improved productivity, performance, and collaboration that Revit 2018 provides. To learn more about Revit 2018 and how to get started with it, visit [Autodesk's website].


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