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Gogi Kozlov
Gogi Kozlov

3D Systems 3D Lightyear 1.5.2

b&s is the world's leading provider of 3d printed parts, and their vision of a "durable, precise and high performance" product is closer to becoming a reality. through their line of solid state laser based stereolithography (sla) systems, b&s provides engineers with a technology that enables the fabrication of parts of many different shapes, structures and sizes. we are eager to work with companies who believe as we do and are looking to support 3d printing on various platforms like dlp and selective laser sintering (sls) to help b&s bring the best of solid state 3d printing to the market place.

3D Systems 3D Lightyear 1.5.2

with our unique resources and industry leadership, we are driving innovation in 3d manufacturing, expanding our capabilities by enhancing our business, developing our industry partners and making exciting new investments in tooling and facilities. our 3d printing systems are leading the 3d printing revolution that has the potential to transform a range of manufacturing processes. we are the pioneer of this emerging industry, which sees the world's leading manufacturers using our systems to deliver ever-better product performance and lead a new wave of innovation. our lasersla3d system allows customers to create virtually any metal or composite 3d-printed component with top quality and speed.

lightyear is developing a small, lightweight, high performance solar photovoltaic array module. these modules will be installed in the lightyear car's roof to power the electric motor. this technology will produce enough energy to recharge the battery pack. this technology may also be used in other applications.


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