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The Contoured Ranch Pad is made from our ranch tough 1" or 1/2" Wool felt covered with a durable cotton canvas top and distressed leathers. The contoured spine has a wither relief notch and is reinforced with distressed leather.


We wanted to create a tool belt specifically for women so we reached out to ladies in the trades all over the US and discovered what would work best for them. The result was The Cavetto contoured tool belt.

Background: Custom-contoured wheelchair seating lowers risk of pressure injury and postural deterioration while custom-contoured wheelchair seating lowers risk of pressure injury and postural deterioration while increasing the stability and functional activity of the wheelchair occupant. Producing custom-contoured seating systems has historically been a labour-intensive process custom-contoured seating systems is historically labour-intensive.

Methods: Research conducted through a literature review focused on the performance of different types of custom-contoured wheelchair seating products and processes over the last 40 years. Recent literature in orthotics and prosthetics was also consulted to assess future trends in seating.

Results: There are five main manufacturing processes currently used to produce custom-contoured wheelchair seating systems. No single process is yet suitable for all wheelchair users, but many manufacturers are transitioning to computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling to reduce manual labour. Adjustable micro-modular seating and moulded seat insert manufacturing are also prevalent and offer alternative seating to soft foam carving.

Clinical relevance: This review suggests that the custom-contoured wheelchair seating manufacturers are moving away from labour-intensive processes towards digital techniques, like CNC foam milling. Additive manufacturing is a potential new process that may reduce overall costs, the lead time in preparing seats and has the potential to better manage the seating micro-climate.

The Postpartum Abdominal Binder is specially designed to contour to a women's body. The binder has a padded contoured back panel which provides support while hugging the body and maintaining its shape. In addition the back panel has a cut-out design which helps facilitate a full range of motion while preventing rolling or shifting. The binder is designed to be comfortable and will not get hot or cause excessive perspiration. Latex Free.

To provide a more contoured fit after abdominoplasty or liposuction surgeries, the 2003/2004/2005 abdominal binder has become the new choice for surgeons. The binders come with a high grade contoured back panel and dual elastic side panels which allows the doctor or patient to adjust the compression in the abdominal area.

Poorly contoured dental restorations do not always reflect a low skill level or lack of attention to details. In some situations, establishing ideal tooth contours is complicated by poor visibility, decay that extends well below the gum level, restricted ability of a patient to open their mouth adequately, and other factors.


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