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The Long Ryders State Of Our Union Rar

Until very recently, the department and its officers were shielded from any outside scrutiny about these cases because all CCRB and IAB complaints, investigations, and findings were considered confidential under New York state law.[274] After years of campaigning by activists, and as a result of the George Floyd protests, the New York legislature repealed the law, Civil Rights Law section 50-A, in June 2020.[275] New York City police unions immediately sued Mayor de Blasio and the CCRB to prevent them from disclosing the records.[276]

The Long Ryders State Of Our Union Rar

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Instead of cracking down on protesters and stifling their calls for change, policymakers and elected officials in New York City and across the country should listen to their demands. This means exhibiting bold leadership, standing up to powerful police departments and unions, and pushing forward comprehensive and meaningful reforms to end the structural racism and systemic police abuse that people in Mott Haven and communities like it have experienced for far too long.

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