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Drop Clock Screensaver For Mac

Fliqlo for Mac/Windows is a clock screensaver that allows you to make your desktop/laptop device screen look like a flip clock. It displays the time with flip animation in large white numerals against a black background. Thanks to its visibility, you can check the time even from a distance.

Drop Clock Screensaver For Mac

Fliqlo for iOS/iPadOS is a clock app that allows you to make your mobile device screen look like a flip clock. It displays the time with flip animation in large white numerals against a black background. Thanks to its visibility, you can check the time even from a distance.

DROPCLOCK is a stunning screensaver for Mac OS X and Windows. The screensaver serves as a digital clock. But it is not a regular clock. In this one, numbers fall from the top of the screen into what seems to be water and they slowly sink to the bottom of the screen. Everything is done in super slow-motion. So, if the time is 11:34, you will see those four numbers fall from the top in the correct order. As soon as the numbers fall to the bottom of the screen and sink, they will disappear and give way to new numbers. Often the only number changing is the one on the right.

There aren't many options to change with this screensaver. You can choose between white numbers with a black background or black numbers with a white background. The default one (white on black) looks way better and I would even say it is smoother. This is screensaver is very big, weighing almost 150 megabytes. You need an Intel Dual Core processor on your Mac for it to work, according to the minimum requirements posted on the website.

Dropclock is an aesthetically intriguing motion clock screensaver. Every minute of real time is numerically expressed with heavy Helvetica dropping into water in super slow-motion. Be captivated as the contrasting elements of organic water and solid typography infinitely morph and mix. You can preview the product at the publisher's Web site.

This flip-clock screensaver comes courtesy of Yuji Adachi, a Japanese developer who also creates and publishes other free goodies besides screensavers, such as fonts, apps, icon sets and desktop wallpapers. The Fliqlo screensaver, however, appears to be one of his most popular projects, and it's still actively developed. An iOS app version of the screensaver for iPhone and iPad was recently released, and is now available in the App Store for $0.99.

The premise of this screensaver is simple: it turns your screen into an old-fashioned flip-clock that looks much like the electromechanical alarm clocks invented in the mid-twentieth century. These clocks quickly grew in popularity due to their simple but elegant design, displaying the time in large white numerals against a black background. The fun and beauty of this screensaver is that it can effectively turn any Windows or Mac OS X computer into such an elegant and useful clock. The bigger the screen, the bigger the clock.

Some options available to this screensaver, that the original flip clocks did not possess, include the ability to switch between a 12 and a 24-hour format. Furthermore, the size of the clock can be adjusted on a scale of 25% to 125%. These settings can be reset at any time.

Only two-screens display the clock. The 3rd screen doesn't have a clock and just displays a blank screen. The clock is static so potentially become a screen burner. I rather one clock display that can be configured to display one screen at a time (shifting from one blank screen to another instead of display on 2 screens and blank on another). The frequency shifting from one screen to another can be configurable (make these an option). For a single display, maybe have the option to scroll so it doesn't stay dead center everytime? The clock looks very nice otherwise.

Love the design and retro look, but it doesn't support multi-monitors well. I have a Surface Book connected to two 24" LCD monitors. Desktop is extended, not mirrored. The clock shows up fine on the Surface Book screen, but not the LCD monitors. Would be nice to have an option to just show on main screen.

Works on a Mac 27" / Catalina, but you'll have to adjust the Privacy Settings. If you don't how, here is a Tip; -us/HT202491. IMO; It's the most elegant, Mac compatible clock there is. If I didn't know any better, I'd say, that Apple made it. LOVE it and I'll never use anything else (also on my MacBook Pro). HUGE COMPLIMENTS :) *****

Hi i have been trying for ages and i have got to the part on settings and it doesn't let me select the flip clock. i have watched loads of youtube videos and have done everything. i have a mac book air.

It was a great screensaver until I updated my Mac to the latest IOS Now it won't work since Apple can't control whether the file contains any malware or not.The file needs to be updated to work again.

Awesome throwback look! I have noticed that in my Windows 10 Surface the screensaver goes black and it locks my system. I've had to restart manually a few times. Finally I stopped using it. Any word on why?

Be very careful using this screensaver for extended periods of time without change. Because it's very high contrast and the clock face is completely static, you can suffer a burn in (which I did). I'm in the process of fixing it with a wallpaper created in pure white. I have a small sliver left in the repair. I've had this white wallpaper displayed now for 7 days in the repair mode. Be smart, LCD's can suffer burn in.

Beware, this screensaver nught look innocent, but it remotely tries to connect with some ip unknown to me. Always remember to block this screensaver from accessing internet ^^ while the screensaver is fine & dandy, i dont understand the motive behind 'requiring internet connection', be very careful what you choose to let in your pc.

When I downloaded the screensaver, it was a different font than the pictures displayed. I checked with my sister, because she has the clock I wanted and it was the exact same download (same numbers and year), but mine is not block letters.

Installed the screensaver on my Win-Vista system today, love the retro look. Works well as is but when I enter "settings" for screensaver it brings up a flash window which allows me to make changes (24hr, 125%) but does not save them when I exit. It shows a "reset" button but no "save" button, so I'm assuming it is supposed to be automatic upon closing. Any suggestions?

the screensaver is dope but now i have weird pop ups / notifications that appear asking me to download more stuff and i don't know how to get rid of them. probably will have to delete just based on that.

My BIGGEST petpeeve with this. I use 24 hour time. I am always waking up at different times, so it's MUCH easier for me to glance over, look at the clock. Cool. 900.. It's 9am... 2100.. cool. It's 9pm.. This thing has a habit of RANDOMLY switching BACK to 12 hour time COMPLETELY ON IT'S OWN. This has almost made me late to things MORE THAN ONCE! VERY frustrating!

Had it for about 6 months on my Mac that was running OS X Yosemite and it worked wonderfully. Recently updated to OS X EI Captain and it said it doesn't run on this software.. Had to reinstall and it works perfectly again. Never had a problem with this screensaver and looks lovely. 10/10

I do love this screen saver, and have been using it for ages, however I recently got another monitor, so that I can have two screens when working. When I use just my monitor with the laptop closed, then this screen saver works fine, however when I use both screens, it is off centre and too large on my extra monitor. Some sort of settings that could be changed for multiple monitors would make this screensaver even more awesome :)

I've been using this screensaver for year (on Windows), and like others have said, today it randomly stopped working and only shows a white screen. Tried restart and uninstall/reinstall with no luck. I loved it until it stopped working today.

I've had this screen saver for years and absolutely loved it. I wake up this morning to find that the screen saver doesn't show a clock anymore...just a white blank screen. I restarted the computer and it didn't help. Uninstalled fliqlo and reinstalled and no luck. Even downloaded the newest version and it still just shows a white screen. Not happy right now.

DropClock awesome screensaver shows a bunch of thick, huge numbers in white Helvetica, falling from the top of your screen into water. The whole scene in DropClock is recorded in very slow motion, capturing every single detail in the number's movement and the reaction of water as they drop into it.

DropClock is not only a very relaxing screensaver, but also a very original way to check time, because the numbers shown on the screen are not random figures: they show the current time. On the downside, it doesn't have any configuration options and the file is too heavy for a screensaver.

Since the program was added to our catalog in 2012, it has already achieved 16,622 downloads, and last week it had 3 downloads.The current version of the software is 1.0.0 and was updated on 17/06/2012. Dropclock is available for users with the operating system Mac OS X and former versions, and you can get it only in English.About the download, Dropclock is a not that heavy program that will not require as much storage space than the average program. It's a very popular program in India, Italy, and United States.


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