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Buy Austrian Citizenship

As a citizen of Austria, you can live and work in the country and anywhere else in the EU at any time. The Austrian passport has an excellent reputation and offers very comprehensive visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel, including to Hong Kong (SAR China), Japan, Singapore, and the USA. It is without a doubt among the best travel documents in the world and ranks among the top 10 strongest passports on the Henley Passport Index. When you acquire citizenship under the Austrian Citizenship Act, you and your family enjoy full citizenship for life, which can be passed on to future generations by descent.

buy austrian citizenship

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Under the citizenship by investment provisions, an applicant is required to invest actively in the Austrian economy, for example in the form of a joint venture or direct investment in a business that creates jobs or generates new export sales. Significant direct investment is generally required. Passive investments in government bonds or real estate, for example, do not qualify.

The Austrian Citizenship Act generally requires the applicant to abandon their current citizenship as a precondition for being granted Austrian citizenship. However, in case of a grant of citizenship under the provisions of Article 10 (6) of the Citizenship Act, the former citizenship can be legally maintained, that is, the applicant may not be required to give up their present citizenship.

The grant of citizenship on the basis of a capital contribution involves various procedures and requires government approval at several levels. It is therefore essential that the applicant is properly advised from the beginning, that each individual case is carefully prepared, and that informal approvals from the key ministries are obtained before the investment is made and the formal application process is started.

Henley & Partners advises on suitable capital contribution opportunities, liaises with the various government agencies and ministries, and, finally, prepares and lodges your application with the government. The procedure involves a thorough background check. Citizenship documents are issued after the citizenship application has been approved.

The granting of citizenship is at the sole discretion of the Government of the Republic of Austria, and we are unable to guarantee that applications will be approved. However, great care has been taken to provide the best possible safeguards for persons entering the application process. Prior to taking on any mandate, a written agreement is made between the applicant and Henley & Partners defining the responsibilities of both parties.

Yes, it does. It is also only available to seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs who are willing to pay the price. If you can demonstrate substantial financial capital, Austrian citizenship by investment is available.

Countries offering citizenship by investment programs fast-track the naturalization process by several years. In the Caribbean, their citizenship application is accepted quickly. Thus, ensuring that individuals can receive their second passports in a matter of months.

This is not true for the Austria citizenship. The formal application process may even take up to 36 months before you obtain full citizenship. So, if you are looking for a country that offers their passport immediately, then Austria is definitely not for you.

The most striking feature of the Austrian citizenship process is its selectivity. When you go down the citizenship by investment road, you expect things to go your way. Most countries do not care much while doing their due diligence because of the money flowing in. However, even if you invest tens of millions of euros, the Austrian authorities will be particular about your case.

Essentially, the government will grant citizenship to anyone who helps the Austrian economy prosper. So, when you apply for Austrian citizenship, make sure that your investment directly leads to more jobs. It is the safest way to be granted Austrian citizenship.

Austria is not the only country with a complicated citizenship procedure. If you look around, you will find many countries with extremely difficult residence by investment programs. These countries make it very clear that no matter what you do, there is no chance that you will ever be a citizen with your residence permit.

citizenship benefitsPeaceful, democratic and politically stable countryLow crime rate countryPotentially profitable investmentVisa-free or Visa on arrival to 173 countries, including United States, Schengen Area, United KingdomGet one of the most valuable passport worldwideAccess to high quality healthcare and education systemHigh quality of lifePassport with optimal reputationBecome an EU citizen, with the right to live, work, do business, invest, own property and access to healthcare and education benefits throughout the European UnionWell-connected airportVisa-free access to the United States

Austria, the land of breathtaking mountains, world-renowned Bavarian cuisine, and rich cultural activities. Austria is an immigration-friendly European Union country that rewards foreign nationals with Austrian citizenship, via its distinguished Austria Citizenship By Investment Program.

An applicant for citizenship by investment must invest actively in the Austrian economy, such as through a joint venture or direct investment in a firm that creates employment or generates new export sales. In most cases, significant direct investment is necessary.

According to Article 10 (6) of the Austrian Citizenship Act, citizenship is awarded based on the extraordinary services performed by foreigners in the past and the expectation of extraordinary services that will be performed in the future. Exceptional benefits are those that are now well above the average in their relevant field.

By the decision of the Government of Austria, successful candidates are granted full citizenship of the Republic of Austria and can apply for a passport straightaway. Passports are granted in a few days.

The main applicant must have a completely clean personal record, as well as invest actively in the Austrian economy and prove their investment has extraordinary merit. Investment options include investing in an active business or other innovative business, donating to a government fund, or investing in venture capital. The substantial investment must be legally maintained for citizenship to be granted, and the decision for citizenship is made at the sole discretion of the Austrian authorities.

You cannot buy real estate to qualify for the program, nor can you buy government bonds like you can with other citizenship programs in many countries. Rather than a passive investment, you must invest actively in the Austrian economy. In return, the Austrian authorities grant citizenship.

To get citizenship in Austria, people will have to pay a federal Austrian citizenship cost of 700 euros in addition to 76 euros of a provincial administrative fee. Married couples will pay a 1,400 euros federal cost and 152 euros of a provincial administrative fee.

As the easiest way to get Austrian citizenship, you will have to stay in Austria for at least ten continuous years (five of which as a permanent resident), have zero criminal record, sufficient financial means, and a solid level of the German language.

The Austria Citizenship by Investment or Golden Visa program allows foreign applicants to actively invest in the economy to gain Austrian residency and citizenship. While the programme offers significant benefits in the form of one of the most sought-after citizenships worldwide the investment, commitment and timeframe is far in excess of other programmes without any guarantee of success.

Applicants are required to invest in the Austrian economy. This must usually be in the form of a significant business investment. A complete and clean personal record is required alongside strong business background information. All applicants must provide outstanding references and most applicants will be required to abandon their current citizenship. Some applicants may be able to keep their current citizenship under certain circumstances.

Obtaining Austrian citizenship through investment is a lengthy and demanding process. The processing time usually takes around 2-3 years, and the approval must be authorised by officials at multiple levels.

The Austrian passport will provide you with visa free travel access to an impressive 199 destinations worldwide, including visa free access to the United States and United Kingdom. The Austrian citizenship by investment program will enable you to live, work, travel and study anywhere within the European Schengen zone.

Unfortunately, not. It requires major investment, business expertise and participation economically in Austria. It is not a passive investment as with most residency and citizenship investment programmes. It is also a lengthy process and success is not guaranteed or predictable.

Unlike certain other European countries Austria does not offer a golden visa for passive investment. Other European countries such as Malta, Portugal and Spain offer residency through investment in government bonds or real estate. Such investments require minimum connection with the country but allow for freedom of travel within the European Schengen zone and ultimately can lead to Permanent Residency (PR) and citizenship.

Acquisition and loss of Austrian citizenship is based upon the Citizenship law of 1965 as amended. Citizenship can be acquired in several ways: by birth, by descent, by naturalization, and for special services rendered to the Republic of Austria (special contribution in the sphere of sports, culture, science, or economy).

Foreign nationals can qualify for the expedited citizenship if they already made or will make a significant economic, athletic, scientific, and/or cultural contribution to the country. Such significant contributions must be far above the average in comparison to the respective field of activity. Furthermore, this contribution must be of particularly high national interest. 041b061a72


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