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How to Maintain, Service, and Repair Your Suzuki Burgman 125 with Revue Technique PDF

  • Box 2 provides examples of individual case studies. None of these studies considered the possibility of the target species introduction to the risk management area, so all were scored as the most extreme scenario. This scenario illustrates how the work is done, and also illustrates that, even in these extreme scenarios, all individuals of the species present in the risk management area can be removed without impacting the conservation of the entire metapopulation. In each of the case studies, individuals were photographed and images were collected in each of the two following ways: Spot sampling of known individuals (whether admitted or otherwise) was conducted to establish a baseline and the number of individuals from that survey were recorded.

  • Spot sampling of known individuals was conducted and then the individuals were photographed in the field for later computer-assisted identification.

burgman 125 revue technique pdf Box 3 provides examples of species-level studies. Here, on the basis of the species current distribution and the methods and techniques available, appropriate techniques were selected and then chosen types of surveys were conducted to generate data for each method. For most species, data from the two or more methods can be directly compared to provide indications of how to improve each method.

burgman 125 revue technique pdf


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