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Elijah Wood
Elijah Wood

The Walking Dead(2017)

Carol continues walking back to the Kingdom with Ezekiel and Jerry. Eventually they wind up cornered by Walkers. Ezekiel insists that Jerry and Carol should leave him behind so they can save themselves. Just then, though, Ezekiel's pet tiger Shiva leaps among the Walkers. It kills some, and then is overcome by the herd. In sacrificing its life, however, it allows Ezekiel and the others to escape. They make it back to the Kingdom, but the experience has left Ezekiel emotionally shattered.

The Walking Dead(2017)

Negan returns to the Sanctuary, where he allows Simon to trap himself and reveal that he is attempting a coup. In a fight in front of all of the Saviors, Negan first beats, and then strangles Simon. Later, Negan reveals to Dwight that he had picked up Laura on the way back to the Sanctuary. She told him about Dwight's betrayal. Negan has deliberately given Dwight false information, which Dwight gave Gregory to rush back to the Hilltop. Because of this, the Survivors will now be walking into a trap that will wipe them out and finish the war. 041b061a72


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