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cisco also offers a different line of licenses for cisco routers called the cac model. they are to limit the use of the router and not the number of simultaneous users. it was an interesting concept but the cisco support people i dealt with were not too keen on the idea.

Cisco 1921 Datak9 License.lic Keygen


some routers have a software licence that limits the number of simultaneous users that can be on the device. this software licence can be used for use with the cisco 1640, cisco 1650, cisco 1655, cisco 1740, cisco 1750, cisco 1755, cisco 1855, cisco 1915, cisco 1921, cisco 1921e, and cisco 1921e2 . the software licence will be removed if the router is reset.

hardware license: the hardware license is available for the cisco 1921e and cisco 1921e2 and is only valid if the same hardware is installed. this is usually the case as the hardware licence is tied to the number of network interface cards installed. if you change the number of network interface cards on the router, then the hardware licence is automatically removed.

cisco also offer a alternative license for the cisco 1921e called the hsec-k3 license. this license enables the router to support up to 72 ipsec tunnels with a maximum of 850-mbps of unidirectional traffic in or out of the router. the cisco 1941, cisco 2901, and cisco 2911 already have maximum encryption capacities within export limits.

the cisco 1921 router does not support the ios-xe software release 11.4.0 and higher as they are not exportable and there are no plans to make them so. the cisco 1921 router supports the cisco ios-xe software release 9.2.0 and the cisco ios-xe software release 10.0. the hardware licence keys are available for the router for the software releases and are not affected by the software version.


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