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Saints Row 2 Mall Location Map LINK

Saints Row 2 is a second instalment of the popular action-adventure game where players can take part in various missions to rebuild the Street Saints gang. There are plenty of locations for the players to explore including an underground mall at a hidden location.

saints row 2 mall location map


There are 16 Hidden History locations to find in Saints Row, and each of them gives you insight into Santo Ileso's past. They're among the many Discoveries spread across the map, in the same category as drug pallets, dumpster diving, and photo hunt opportunities. To find these locations, you'll need to pass near them on the map, which means a lot of exploring if you don't have a guide to show you where they are. Hidden Histories are marked by gold icons with treasure chests in the middle. To see them, open your Map app, and tab over to "Discoveries."

Below, we've collected all the Hidden History locations, starting nearest the Saints Church HQ and moving counterclockwise. Completing each site gives you a bit of money and XP, and some locations are linked, giving more cash and XP along with new clothes for completing both areas.

Rancho Providencia is in northern West Providencia, about 700-750 meters south/southwest of Beware the Grisly Bear. It's a western-themed shopping center in a small mountainous area on the right side of the road leading north from Jim Rob's Garage.

Frank's 80/20 Brewery is in the center of Smelterville West, about 1,075 meters southwest of The Grand Prix and 1,000 meters southeast of the El Dorado fast-travel location. Look for the large beer jutting into the skyline near the Scorpion factory and the Iles Oil factory.

Go Kart Go! is about 1,500 meters west of Frank's 80/20 Brewery and 500 meters west/southwest of the El Dorado fast-travel location. The track can be found directly west of/next to the Aztec casino and directly south of the Lancelot Castle.

Lake Alacran is in Badlands North, about 2,500 meters north/northwest of Route 66 McQuarry and 1,100 meters west/northwest of the Cactus Bill fast-travel location in Lakeshore South. Look for a small shack with a dock in a dry lake bed and a small dirt parking lot at a major intersection. There's a run-down farmstead with a windmill nearby.

Red Faction Memorial Park is in the southeast corner of the Marina West district, about 2,262 meters northeast of Jasinski Park Theater and 375 meters south/southeast of the Bear Lake fast-travel location. It's across the street from St. Santa Lina Apartments along the main road that cuts through the district.

ResultPhone number Player AbilityFull Health#1 Car Mass (increased mass for harder collisions)#2 Milk Bones (increased melee attack damage)#3 Add Police Notoriety (+1 star to police wanted meter)#4 Player Pratfalls (press LB or RB to fall)#5 Infinite Sprint#6 Unlimited Clip (never reload, except for RPGs)#9 Infinite Ammo#11 Heaven Bound (killed bodies float upward)#12 Add Gang Notoriety (+1 gang attack level)#35 Never Die#36 No Cop Notoriety#50 No Gang Notoriety#51 I Am Giant (become very tall)#200 Itty Bitty (become very short)#201 Give Cash (gain $1,000)#2274666399 VehiclesRepair Car (fixes car, boat, and helicopter damage)#1056 Ambulance#1040 Anchor#1041 Atlasbreaker#1042 Attrazione#1043 Backdraft#1044 Backhoe#1045 Bag Boy#1046 Baron#1047 Bear#1048 Bootlegger#1049 Bulldog#1050 Bulldozer#1051 Compton#1052 Eiswolf#1053 FBI#1054 Five0#1055 Hollywood#1057 Justice#1058 Kent#1059 Mag#1060 Mixmaster#1061 Mongoose#1062 Oring#1063 Phoenix#1064 Quasar#1065 Quota#1066 Rampage#1067 Raycaster#1068 Reaper#1069 Septic Avenger#1070 Shaft#1071 Stilwater Municipal#1072 Superiore#1073 Taxi#1074 The Job#1075 Titan#1076 Toad#1077 Varsity#1078 Venom Classic#1079 Vortex#1080 Zenith#1081 Horizon (commerical helicopter)#711 Snipes57 (executive private jet)#712 Tornado (police helicopter with minigun and anti-tank missiles; can lock onto other vehicles or be manually aimed)#713 Wolverine (P-51 Mustang-style airplane with machine gun)#714 Kaneda (custom street racing motorcycle)#801 Kenshin (street racing motorcycle)#802 Melbourne (Harley-style motorcycle)#803 Sabretooth (custom Harley-style motorcycle)#804 Sandstorm (dirtbike)#805 Widowmaker (moped)#806 Hurricane (speedboat)#825 Miami#826 Python#827 Shark (personal watercraft)#828 Skipper (yacht)#829 Retailer Promotion VehiclesGyro Daddy helicopter (two person mini-helicopter)#4976D-Stroy UFO (two person flying saucer)#728237Peewee mini-bike (very small mini-bike)#7266837 Weapons12 Gauge#920 44 Shepherd#921 AR200 (SAW-type machine gun)#922 AR50 (X8-type assault rifle)#923 AR50 Launcher (X8-type assualt rifle with grenade launcher)#924 AS14 (fully automatic shotgun)#925 Baseball Bat#926 Chainsaw#927 Fire Extinguisher#928 Flamethrower#929 Flashbang#930 GAL43 (Uzi-like sub-machine gun)#931 GDHC#932 Grenade#933 Holt 55 (fully automatic pistol)#934 K6 Krukov#935 Knife#936 Machete#937 McManus2010#938 Minigun#939 Molotov#940 Nightstick#941 NR4#942 Pepper Spray#943 Pimp Cane (shotgun)#944 Pipe Bomb#945 RPG#946 RPG Annihilator (manual or lock-on guided RPG)#947 Samurai Sword#948 Satchel#949 Shock Paddles (bring dead people back to life)#950 SKR-9#951 Sledgehammer#952 Stungun (semi-automatic Taser-style weapon; can kill if used repeatedly)#953 T3K Urban#954 Tire Iron#955 Tombstone#956 Vice 9#957 XS-2 (fully automatic shotgun)#958 Pimp Slap (big foam middle finger)#969 WeatherWrath of God (thunderstorm with random lightning strikes)#666 Overcast#78665 Heavy Rain#78666 Light Rain#78668 Clear Skies#78669 Normal Weather#78670 WorldSuper Explosions#7 Super Saints (almost invincibile Homies and Saints with better weapons)#8 Drunk Pedestrians#15 Evil Cars (drivers try to run you down)#16 Low Gravity (cannot be used with helicopters; use in Insurance Fraud mode to glide)#18 Pedestrian War (pedestrians and drivers fight each other)#19 Raining Pedestrians (people spawn and fall from sky but die on the ground)#20 Everybody Must Get Shrunk (everyone is very short)#202 Time Set Noon (hour set to 12 p.m. with minutes unchanged)#1200 Time Set Midnight (hour set to 12 a.m. with minutes unchanged)#2400

Follow the arrows that start on Ruins Island. Ruins Island is close to Super Secret Island, with the Volution Easter Egg on it. Ruins Island has an arrow that points to Lookout Island, then to a small unnamed island, then to another small island with an "X" on it. Get on it, and you will be teleported to a ring of arrows pointing to a floating Easter Bunny.

Use a Bear (the Police APC) to easily complete Snatch activities. It is virtually impossible to stop once moving because it is nearly invulnerable. It can drive over smaller cars and pickups, the chaingun has infinite ammunition. It holds three passengers.

Use the flaming zombies as a weapon. When they come after you, let them follow you. Run into big crowds of zombies so the flaming zombies set the other zombies on fire, which will then count as kills for you. Also, use headshots for the small zombies.

While in the prison yard, allow your character to remain idle for a short amount of time. He should walk over to a location and start curling a pair of dumbbells. He will continue to do so until you move him again.

A "wanted level" system governs the response by opposing forces to players' aggressive actions. In the head-up display, surrounding the minimap, there are two bars; the topmost bar represents rival gangs and the bottommost bar represents the police. As players incite opposing forces, the corresponding bar fills up. Each bar filled is represented by the provoked enemy's logo, be it a star to represent the police or a "gang sign" to represent an enemy gang. One bar of notoriety will result in non-lethal retaliation. However, two, three, four or five bars of notoriety will result in a gradually increased lethal response. Notoriety depletes over time, but enemies will continue to be aggressive towards players until the meter recedes. Players may remove their notoriety instantly by utilizing drive-through confessional booths, visiting plastic surgeons,[6] or inputting cheat codes.[3] If arrested by the police, players will reappear outside a police station with a small bounty collected from their earnings.[3]

Saints Row opens in 2006, as Stilwater suffers from gang warfare at the hands of three distinct criminal syndicates: the Vice Kings, an African American gang that primarily earns revenue from strip clubs, brothels and record labels; Los Carnales, a Hispanic drug cartel that dominates the narcotics trade and gun-running; and the Westside Rollerz, a gang consisting of Caucasian and Asian members who operate on the lucrative underground racing club. The player character, a random bystander, becomes caught in a crossfire between the three while walking through the streets of the Saint's Row district but is saved by Troy Bradshaw (Michael Rapaport), a member of a smaller multi


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