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Saints Row 2 Mall Location Map LINK

Saints Row 2 is a second instalment of the popular action-adventure game where players can take part in various missions to rebuild the Street Saints gang. There are plenty of locations for the players to explore including an underground mall at a hidden location.

saints row 2 mall location map


There are 16 Hidden History locations to find in Saints Row, and each of them gives you insight into Santo Ileso's past. They're among the many Discoveries spread across the map, in the same category as drug pallets, dumpster diving, and photo hunt opportunities. To find these locations, you'll need to pass near them on the map, which means a lot of exploring if you don't have a guide to show you where they are. Hidden Histories are marked by gold icons with treasure chests in the middle. To see them, open your Map app, and tab over to "Discoveries."

Below, we've collected all the Hidden History locations, starting nearest the Saints Church HQ and moving counterclockwise. Completing each site gives you a bit of money and XP, and some locations are linked, giving more cash and XP along with new clothes for completing both areas.

Rancho Providencia is in northern West Providencia, about 700-750 meters south/southwest of Beware the Grisly Bear. It's a western-themed shopping center in a small mountainous area on the right side of the road leading north from Jim Rob's Garage.

Frank's 80/20 Brewery is in the center of Smelterville West, about 1,075 meters southwest of The Grand Prix and 1,000 meters southeast of the El Dorado fast-travel location. Look for the large beer jutting into the skyline near the Scorpion factory and the Iles Oil factory.

Go Kart Go! is about 1,500 meters west of Frank's 80/20 Brewery and 500 meters west/southwest of the El Dorado fast-travel location. The track can be found directly west of/next to the Aztec casino and directly south of the Lancelot Castle.

Lake Alacran is in Badlands North, about 2,500 meters north/northwest of Route 66 McQuarry and 1,100 meters west/northwest of the Cactus Bill fast-travel location in Lakeshore South. Look for a small shack with a dock in a dry lake bed and a small dirt parking lot at a major intersection. There's a run-down farmstead with a windmill nearby.

Red Faction Memorial Park is in the southeast corner of the Marina West district, about 2,262 meters northeast of Jasinski Park Theater and 375 meters south/southeast of the Bear Lake fast-travel location. It's across the street from St. Santa Lina Apartments along the main road that cuts through the district.

ResultPhone number Player AbilityFull Health#1 Car Mass (increased mass for harder collisions)#2 Milk Bones (increased melee attack damage)#3 Add Police Notoriety (+1 star to police wanted meter)#4 Player Pratfalls (press LB or RB to fall)#5 Infinite Sprint#6 Unlimited Clip (never reload, except for RPGs)#9 Infinite Ammo#11 Heaven Bound (killed bodies float upward)#12 Add Gang Notoriety (+1 gang attack level)#35 Never Die#36 No Cop Notoriety#50 No Gang Notoriety#51 I Am Giant (become very tall)#200 Itty Bitty (become very short)#201 Give Cash (gain $1,000)#2274666399 VehiclesRepair Car (fixes car, boat, and helicopter damage)#1056 Ambulance#1040 Anchor#1041 Atlasbreaker#1042 Attrazione#1043 Backdraft#1044 Backhoe#1045 Bag Boy#1046 Baron#1047 Bear#1048 Bootlegger#1049 Bulldog#1050 Bulldozer#1051 Compton#1052 Eiswolf#1053 FBI#1054 Five0#1055 Hollywood#1057 Justice#1058 Kent#1059 Mag#1060 Mixmaster#1061 Mongoose#1062 Oring#1063 Phoenix#1064 Quasar#1065 Quota#1066 Rampage#1067 Raycaster#1068 Reaper#1069 Septic Avenger#1070 Shaft#1071 Stilwater Municipal#1072 Superiore#1