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Buy Rsgp Paypal [WORK]

I run an online buisness selling virtual goods (runescape gold). the buyer seen my post on craigslist and emailed me about makeing a purchase. we got intouch and he gave me 500 usd for 500m runescape gold just like was explained in the craigslist post. after i made the 3 transactions with him for a total of 500 usd. he filed an unotherized claim report and got his money back and i am out 500usd worth of virtual goods. He sent the money to me as a gift and in the notes box i made him say " i understand i am paying for virtual goods and will not be refunded" and still he gets his money back? paypal please do somthing about this.

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As you have reported it, it seems ridiculous for PP to uphold the claim. They have all the details needed to refuse the buyer. All I can think is that as buyer is claiming he/she did not make the purchase, they also didn't write the disclaimer/note you asked for... in which case it might depend on which email you sent runescape to? If it was a different email to the one registered with PaPal (probably), then buyer can claim it was a hacked paypal transaction and you lose.

I had the same thing happen to me. I supplied paypal with the chat logs where we discussed the entire deal, and directed them to the note where he said he had already recieved the goods and would not charge back. They refunded him.

I'm sorry to read how you got scammed by the buyer. Even after uploading all emails, yet they chose sides with the, I mean the buyer. Sounds like PayPal is crooked to do something so blatantly wrong. Frankly, I'm worried they may possibly **bleep** me too. I too am being scammed by a buyer and Paypal has taken my $1,691 to hold while the buyer still has my item and had not returned it like he said he would. If Paypal doesn't do the right thing here, I will have to either take my business elsewhere and encourage others to do so, or file lawsuit for their obvious negligence. Hopefully PayPal will confirm my faith in their ability to make the right decision, and I can talk well of them. Coincidentally, the buyer was trying to scam me for $500 kickback, same amount as yours. I wouldn't fall for it, so I agreed to fully refund his money for my item back, unaltered. The buyer wouldn't send it back but he is trying through paypal to sqeeze me. Meanwhile Paypal holds all my money from sale while they take a month to decide. This buyer lives in Canada. Does yours? I uploaded all the email communication, so I expect Paypal to understand and do what is right--but your story gives me some doubt. God Bless anyway. bw11

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