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2 : DVD Extra (Interview With The Cast)

Fed up with life as an extra who is always being cut out of scenes just as he manages to get his face on camera, Andy shamelessly kisses up to celebrities and producers in an effort to try to get screen time or a line of dialogue. Although often successful in these endeavours, circumstances always arise that prevent Andy from advancing his career. Reasons include celebrities confessing that they have no real power to help, or (more often) Andy inadvertently offending the star which results in his immediate dismissal from the set. In the conclusion of season one, Andy delivers a sitcom script he has written to Patrick Stewart, who, in turn, passes it along to the BBC through his production company. Andy gets a meeting with BBC comedy producers who greenlight his project and agree to allow him to play the starring role in the show.

2 : DVD Extra (Interview with the Cast)

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When he crashes his agent's lunch meeting at a posh restaurant, he is bluntly told that he will never realise his dreams of having fame, fortune, prestige and respect. Crushed, Andy reluctantly agrees to lower his expectations for the sake of remaining modestly famous and successful and is cast in Celebrity Big Brother. While staying in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Andy openly reflects upon the price of fame and grows increasingly disenchanted with the culture of celebrity worship that has manifested itself throughout Western society.

His despondency culminates in an emotional breakdown during a conversation with the other housemates. He tearfully turns to the camera and apologises to Maggie, who is watching the broadcast from her flat, for ignoring her and not heeding her advice to be grateful for the things he has managed to achieve. He voluntarily departs the house, ending his tenure on the show. Moved by the unexpected outpouring of emotion, a group of journalists eagerly awaits Andy's appearance at a press conference. Andy's agent returns and tells him that his emotional turn has instantly skyrocketed Andy's profile and that a number of A-list stars are requesting to meet him. As his agent prepares to introduce him to the throng of waiting press, Andy quietly slips out the back door of the studio where Maggie is waiting for him in her car. They drive off together with Andy seemingly turning his back on show business and accepting a life of anonymity.

According to a segment in the extras section of the Series 1 DVD, Jude Law was scheduled to appear in one of the episodes, after meeting Gervais backstage on the Late Show with David Letterman, but had to pull out due to film commitments. This resulted in Gervais and Merchant having to scramble to find a replacement actor at the last minute, with Leonardo DiCaprio being considered and doggedly pursued. A featurette on the first series DVD release, "Finding Leo", consists of late-night video camera footage (shot mostly by Merchant) chronicling Gervais' desperate but ultimately unsuccessful attempts to contact DiCaprio's representatives. Law was ultimately replaced by Patrick Stewart in the series 1 finale, although a poster for the Jude Law film Alfie appeared at the end. Other actors who did not appear in Extras despite initial reports from Gervais that they would appear include Madonna, Brad Pitt,[7] and Tom Cruise.[8] Keith Harris turned down the part eventually given to Keith Chegwin having read the script, telling The Independent "This isn't clever writing, it's pure filth".

Other tidbits: The drag racing Asian sportscasters were inspired by a friend Savage had in high school who was "cursed" with the voice of Howard Cosell. "It was just a thing he was born with. He'd come up [in Cosell voice], 'Savage, you're looking really good today. It's an audacious display of handsomeness.' I was like, 'Wow, you really talk like that?' 'I certainly do.' Also, I loved Howard Cosell," Savage says, "and Woody Allen always made fun of Howard Cosell and Woody Allen was one of my early inspirations." Savage's friend wasn't Asian, but he loved actor Yuji Okumoto when he met him. "I said, 'I'm gonna make you the Howard Cosell guy,' and I did a rewrite for him. And he ended up in The Karate Kid, Part II."

The all-new material featured in this complete collection includes a cast retrospective with new interviews; "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Character" which showcases previously unreleased behind-the-scenes moments on set; an exploration of the epic's "Twilight FAN-omenon" and individually highlights Edward and Jacob's stories in "Twilight Forever: Edward's Saga" and "Twilight Forever: Jacob's Saga." These new features will be available alongside the over 10 hours of bonus material released via previous home entertainment editions that includes multi-part "making of" documentaries, behind-the-scenes featurettes, cast and crew interviews, deleted and extended scenes, photo galleries, red carpet footage, music videos and more.

This director-approved 2-disc set features a glorious 2K digital transfer, audio commentary with Director Wes Anderson, filmmaker Roman Coppola, and actor Jeff Goldblum. There are also storyboard animatics of selected scenes, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film, cast & crew interviews, pieces by critic Richard Brody, and lots of other movie goodies.

Movie extras in this special edition disk from The Criterion Collection include a new 4K digital restoration, an audio commentary with film historians James Ursini and Alain Silver, an interview with critic Imogen Sara Smith, as well as an interview with performer and historian Todd Robbins and a 2007 interview with actor Coleen Gray. Also included is a 10-minute audio excerpt from a 1971 interview with filmmaker Henry King, in which he discusses actor Tyrone Power.

Online retailer recently published full details of the extra features included in the DVD release of Deep Space Nine's first season.The 6-disc set, scheduled for release on February 25, comes complete with several new featurettes exploring the characters and universe of the space station series. Members of the cast and crew offering their insights into the production of season one include actress Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys), executive producer Ira Steven Behr and senior illustrator Rick Sternbach.Information on all the extra features can be found below:Deep Space Nine: A Bold New Beginning - Takes a look at the development of the series pilot, 'Emissary,' with interviews, behind-the-scenes footage. Crew Dossier: Kira Nerys - Examines DS9's Bajoran first officer, Major Kira Nerys, with thoughts from her real-life alter ego Nana Visitor and writer-producer Ira Steven Behr.Michael Westmore's Aliens: Season One - Several of the show's signature races, including the Bajorans, Cardassians and Ferengi, are profiled in this look at the work of makeup supervisor Michael Westmore. Secrets of Quark's Bar - Art department buyer Penny Juday talks about her prop purchases. Deep Space Nine Sketchbook - Senior illustrator Rick Sternbach details the development of the space station design. Alien Artifacts: Season One - Property master Joe Longo talks the props used in DS9's freshman season. Section 31 Hidden FilesOriginal Deep Space Nine previewAccording to DVD Review, fans won't have long to wait for the release of Deep Space Nine's second season. The site reported the next DVD set is currently scheduled to hit stores in April. The cover art, seen here to the left, is very similar to the season one design, with only a colour change to distinguish the sets. Online retailer is currently offering the DS9 season one set at a price of $97.49, 25% off the list price. To order your copy and support TrekToday, please use the following links: - Thanks to 'Captain Joe', 'Amasov' and Ricardo for this!

The DVD collection includes nearly 20 special features, including a documentary that breaks down how the series came to happen, along with cast interviews and even bits from Gaiman himself. Check out the full list of special features included with the complete collection below.

The film will come packed with twenty extra goodies, not even including the five deleted scenes showing up as a part of the package. This collection amounts to over 100 minutes of extra content for fans to satiate that Spidey fix.

If you would rather keep everything in a single folder, you can append special suffixes to the filename which Jellyfin picks up and uses to identify the file as an extra. Note that, with a few noted exceptions, these suffixes DO NOT contain any spaces.

No, not yet. I like to think my acting talents and myathleticism had a good part in being cast, but I do think making Rob (Reiner)laugh helped. He was looking for someone with a sense of humor. Indirectly,Bill Cosby is why I got the part.

One hopes this book does well. "As You Wish" isdedicated to Elwes' daughter, Dominique, who has yet tosee the film. The book is a slender 250 pages with a light-hearted narrativethat sometimes flows around grey color blocks of other people's commentary onthe same event or on each other. Nothing in it will ruin the good-naturedwarmth of the tale and a few of them, such as Elwes'injury, have already been told in the DVD extras, but the book offers moredetails and corrections. For instance, in the DVD commentary, Reiner mentionsan ankle injury which was really Elwes' broken toe.

Universal Playback are doing the Spooks Series 9 DVD extras in conjunction with Helen James Productions. Its website has a page on Spooks which gives very brief cast biographies and episode guides for Series 9. The most interesting bits from this website are these photos :

Universal Playback has also created a brand new online game to coincide with the release of Series 9 on DVD on 28 February 2011. Apparently, features never-before seen footage from the Spooks cast. Have fun! 041b061a72


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