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Solitaire Gee - Voodoo Stompin

A strange thing, but starting with the infamous 1981-82 tour, the Stonesseem to get better and better with each following one. The Bridgestour is undoubtedly their best in at least twenty years, and that's mainlybecause the main accent is made on the music and singing rather than onthe special effects and pyrotechnics. The stage is relatively small, thescreen is nice and compact, there's no Urban Jungle or voodoo dolls here,just a couple Eastern decorations. But the performance is awesome! Mickhas never sung so well since his better days, and his movements on thestage are just fascinating! The newer songs are either turned into powerful,breathtaking jams ('Out Of Control') or into crowd-pleasing anthems ('SaintOf Me'), and the older songs are performed immaculately. Highlights include'Gimmie Shelter' with Lisa Fischer singing a terrific duet with Mick; 'WaitingOn A Friend' (the Internet choice); another duet, this time with Dave Matthews('Wild Horses' - Jagger has finally overcome his vocal problems on Stripped);and, of course, the closing set of classics. If you're looking for an 'oldperiod' Stones video, this should be your first choice.

Solitaire Gee - Voodoo Stompin




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