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Sebastian Reed
Sebastian Reed

The Legend Of Mir 3

I play legend of mir online, and i must stress to people, this is only a chinese thing to do. Nobody who plays the european servers do anything like this. Chinese people take gaming more seriously than life in some cases, its a family activity to play MMORPGs such as Legend of Mir. So it means more to them than the average person

The Legend Of Mir 3


Das grundlegende Spielprinzip des Vorgängers "Legend of Mir 2" wurde übernommen. Zu den Änderungen zählen 16-Bit-Grafik, anpassungsfähigere Charaktere, viel größere Karten und ein verbessertes Questsystem.

A community network website & forum was set up shortly after the successful release of the MMORPG "The Legend of Mir 2" and houses a rich community of mir players and developers who strive to keep the memory of "Mir" alive and people playing to this day. Promoting new versions of legend of mir and server developments such as Arcadia Mir

Mir did all of that and like most legends was controversial and paradoxical. At different times and by different people, Mir was called both "venerable" and "derelict." It was also "robust," "accident-prone," and "a marvel," as well as "a lemon." 041b061a72


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