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to install the phoenixcard on rockchip rk3288 allwinner a80 device you need to follow the instruction below. the same steps will work for any other android device, as long as you have the original firmware.

2. it will detect the device connection and will automatically install the phoenixcard onto the device (if it was successful the message will have similar to below) you can manually copy the data by using copy data option in phoenixcard (after the device was detected by tool).

if you have updated the previous firmware with phoenixcard the device would be connected to a different system, you need to remove the previously installed phoenixcard tool before you can attempt reinstallation.

just unpack the previous phoenixcard, the tool will automatically detect and install the previously installed version on the device (if youre missing the previous phoenixcard version you need to install phoenixcard again)

thanks to a member by the name of no_spam_for_me he figured out how to flash an android firmware to the sd card using phoenixcard 3.09 for windows operating systems. so now we can do the same thing with the rockchip rk3288 chipset. the only difference between the two is that the rockchip rk3288 chips have more memory to program than the allwinner a10 chips. there is a notable exception to this: the raspberry pi 2 model b as its processor is the same as the allwinner a10 and can be flashed using phoenixcard 3.09 if you are lucky enough. to download phoenixcard 3.09, you can download phoenixcard 3.09 from here. note that this tool and the associated firmware can only be used on windows operating systems and will not work on mac or linux. for this step to work you need to install the windows driver for your micro sd card. this is normally done automatically. to do that, you need to start up phoenixcard 3.09, select the tab "my computer" and select a location where you want to save the files. then drag and drop the phoenixcard 3.09 folder from your desktop to the chosen location. you must select "override the file path and options" to prevent the "factory default" path to be loaded. then you must select the tab "advanced settings" and create a new directory called "override" at this location. if all this is done properly, you can then unplug your micro sd card reader and restart your computer. 3d9ccd7d82


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