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IP Tools And Security Premium V6.1-9-nov-2018 Paid Apk

IP Tools and Security Premium is a combination of tools to help you to understand your network's configuration, any potential issues, the availability of the network and its performance. The second set of features focuses on security in order to check if your users are vulnerable. Comprehending the network and the security is crucial to understanding if you are at risk and where the attacks may be coming from. Network Functions ------------------------------- o Network discovery - Class A/B/C discovery - IP range definition - Identification by: type, IP, host, MAC, vendor o Wifi analyzer: - Signal strength and quality in real time to check the installation in the building - All access points scan with signal level quality check o Network information: network type, router information (MAC, IPs, DHCP, DNS, etc...) o Mobile information o Graphical download/upload speed test o Ping: - Shortcut to the router or internet - IP, host, interval o Netstat with application detection o Traceroute: - Hops identification with city/country and AS/organization information - Google map view o DNS and Reverse DNS: - IP to hostname resolution - City/country and AS/organization information o Whois: it is a protocol that provides information about Internet resource, such as a domain name Applications Security ----------------------------------Security issues start with the processes: applications and services. o Applications by risk o Applications by permissions groups o Counter espionage (widget): prevents voice recording/copying and camera usage without your knowledge o Geo espionage: check countries with which you exchange data o Widget: - IP information changes in real time - Speed test - Threats detection - Spyware counter measures (voice recording and camera malicious usage) and network changes detection. Security Functions ------------------------------ o Ports scan: - Scan per device - Scan for all devices: -identification of ports -top common ports -ports analysis - Scan from the internet side to test the penetration risks o Real time threats detection: - Background service that sends an alarm in case of detection - Analysis to identify false positives - False/positive database management o Threat detection history with application detection o Traffic inspection with malware identification: - Botnet malware identification - Traffic identification by domains or per session - Organization and geographical information o Web redirect: HTTP traceroute and malware detection o URLs test to check your firewall o Phishing to educate your users to the phishing risks o Compromised emails: enter your email(s) to check if it is compromised o Check our top web sites to stay informedand finally... o Security report you can send by email IP Tools & Security has a discovery mode with an accurate graphical representation of the devices discovered. There are several network unique security modules: o Bad web sites: by surfing the internet, or by accessing a phishing email by mistake, the risk that the user accesses a malware web site is high. o Malware: this shows you if you are connected to a malware web site. You can discover where the malware site is hosted. o Packet Inspection: this is a real time capture of the traffic for inspection and threats analysis. o Phishing: educational test for your users. o Backup questionnaire o IP organisation and geographical information with maps. o No advertisement o Faster support

IP Tools And Security Premium V6.1-9-nov-2018 Paid Apk



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