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Cool, clear water
Looking for supplies to take care of your pool or pond? We’ve got you covered.

Bulk Chlorine

We offer bulk chlorine in 10L or 20L containers. You can also bring your own approved container and we’ll fill it for you.

Free Pool Water Testing

Bring a sample of your water in for analysis–DIY kits can be unreliable, but we can test your pH, chlorine/bromine, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness with confidence. Cyanuric Acid levels, Mineral content, Total Dissolved Solids and Acid or Base Demand tests may also be performed as needed.

How to collect a pool water sample:

You can collect the water in a sample bottle or any clean, plastic container. For best results, collect from the deep end of the pool, away from the pool wall, return jets, or skimmer. Invert the sample container to submerge, and return to the upright position at about an elbow’s depth (to avoid collecting surface water). Try to bring 8oz (250ml). Cap it tightly, keep it out of the sun, and bring it to us!



Paddy O’Stones is an approved distributors of Goulds pumps. Goulds is an industry leader in pumps for a variety of applications:

  • sewage and effluent
  • water and well
  • water pressure tanks